Episode 6: Measure Once Cut Twice

Episode 6. That’s ten less than 16 and four more than 2.

We discuss things and stuff. I’d tell you but that would be a give away. Episode 5 is temporarily lost. We lost it so we could ffindd it and post it as a lost episode. Or a lost and found episode. Or: Episode V – The Chili Strikes Back. Something like that.

Also Oreos, probably…

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Recorded: Thursday 15th of May, 2014

Air Date: Monday 2nd June, 2014

Episode 4: Everybody Wang Chung Tomorrow Night

Episode 4. Was that one any good in Star Wars? I forget. Hello and welcome to The AtlAtl Daily! Excuse my very fragmented train of thought.

More random jabber with an SSI (sight-specific immunotherapy) update and some talk about diet, rugby, skin-care, Reddit and how awful American coolers are. We manage not to embarrass ourselves more than we already have.

Also Oreos…

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Recorded: Saturday 3rd of May, 2014

Air Date: Monday 26th May, 2014